Cassie Pfaff

โ€‹Cassandra Pfaff
RYT-200/500, YACEP
Cassie is a lifelong yoga practitioner and Yoga Alliance certified instructor that had been teaching for nearly a decade in the Westmoreland County area. Former owner of Moonglow Yoga in Greensburg, Cassie teaches a wide range of classes, from gentle, restorative, and yin yoga to a more active power vinyasa style. Her classes are aimed at being inclusive, body positive, and adaptable for every body type. She specializes in beginner and yin yoga, and brings her ever expanding knowledge of yoga and the body into her classes.

Come and join Cassie on Wednesday's at 10am.

Yoga instructor's and Wellness Team in Latrobe


Katharina Altman
I earned my BA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I studied Anthropology, Religious Studies, Pan African Studies and Dance (just to show how much I love to learn ๐Ÿ˜Š). It is there that I found a yoga practice and became interested in treating the body from a wholistic perspective. Since then I have discovered Functional Medicine and Holistic Nutrition. It was my interest in these coupled with my love of yoga that led me to complete my 200rytt at Moonglow Yoga under Cassandra Pfaff. 

Even as a teacher now, I feel my main job is that of a student; always open and hungry to learn more. I love to learn about the various styles of yoga and feel that there is a form of yoga to go with whatever you may need for the day from a fast paced energetic vinyasa flow to a calming and restorative yin practice and everything in between. I enjoy bringing yoga into the lives of people who have never experienced it before and sharing the many health benefits it can give them.

I am always seeking to expand my experience by continuing my training, therefore adding more tools to my own practice and thereby growing as a teacher. Since earning my 200 hours I have completed a Kids Yoga Certificate program, a Yin and Restorative Certificate and have completed a Ashtanga workshop series to complement my home practice. 

When I am not practicing yoga I am busy with my husband and our 2 and 5 year old, volunteering at our CSA farm, cooking Whole Foods from scratch and enjoying time in nature with our 2 dogs. Just as I practice the yin and yang of yoga I believe life is all about balance ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


Larissa Cysanyi, RYT 200

Larissa recently graduated from JG Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training in Latrobe, PA. She is married and lives in Blairsville with her husband Jason. and her 2 dogs. Larissa enjoys biking and educating people on the benefits of essential oils. She also owns a store in Blairsville, PA called Founders Gallery and Gifts. She offers group painting classes, furniture restoration classes and essential oils/ a lot of unique items there. Larissa has a passion for Yoga and Wellness. She teaches at Chestnut Ridge Spa and for Blairsville Parks and Recreation when she is not teaching at JG Yoga and Wellness. Larissa's Yoga is called Blue Bird Yoga and Wellness.

Try her Beginner/ Gentle Class on Monday Nights at 6pm or Thursday Night All-Level Class at 5:45pm. You will really enjoy her easy to follow classes.

Hayley Dunoff, RYT 200

Herbalist, Singer/ Muscian, Reiki Practioner and College Student

Hayley has been teaching yoga for a long time and has trained all over the world.

Come and take her yoga-flow when she is on our schedule.

You will love her unique peaceful style.

โ€‹Welcome back Hayley:)

Susan Patrick

 Welcome back Susan. 

Susan has a unique teaching  style that is easy to follow and challenging. She is an experienced yoga instructor that has been practicing for years and a JG Yoga and Wellness Yoga Teacher Alum. Susan will be teaching Monday Mornings at 10am. Her classes are excellent. If you have an opportunity take one of her classes.

Kaitlyn Lewis, RYT 200

Kaitlyn lives on a farm with her husband and Kids. She is passionate about animals and yoga. She graduated JG Yoga and Wellness's Yoga Teacher Training.

She is very easy to follow and has a soft spoken yet fun voice and teaching style.

Try Kaitlyn's Class on Monday Morning's at 10am.

Jennifer Goebel,B.A,M.A.,E-RYT 500 and RYT 500.

Jennifer Goebel has been a fitness and Wellness enthusiast/educator for 18 years. She started learning and training while in high school. Jennifer holds many certifications in health and fitness;such as:Yoga,Pilates,Tai Chi,Aerobics, Spinning and many more... but her true passion is Yoga and Holistic Wellness Therapies.

Jennifer has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Holistic Health Studies.

Jennifer has trained and studied with Dr. Robin Shapiro,Sachiko Komagata,Claire Diab/Deepock Chopra,Sean Korn,Scott Cole,Megha Nancy Buttenheim and many other known presenters through out the United States and at the Kripalu Health and Wellness Center in Stockbridge, MA.

Jennifer is published and has a binded Master's Thesis available for review at Georgian Court University Library on:  "How Yoga and Meditation Improve Individual's Stress Levels."

In 2005, Jennifer was invited by the Head of the Holistic Health Studies Program at Georgian Court University to give an undergraduate lecture on Yoga Movement and Nutrition. She was also invited by the New Program Director in 2009 to teach undergraduates yoga and wellness.

Currently, she teaches at the studio:    JG Yoga and Wellness in Latrobe,PA;Community Colleges,Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Community Centers. Jennifer also speaks and teaches at Corporate Events and at Yoga Events by request.

Jennifer loves teaching Yoga and educating the community on Wellness Therapies. Her goal is to continue to grow and learn personally and professionally on and off that mat.

โ€‹โ€‹Bailey and Peanut

Bailey is My Therapy Dog and True Healer.

Peanut has my heart since he was a puppy and touches my soul.

I love both of them. Animals are pure love and give off so much positive energy. When they are not with me while I am teaching... They are always with me in spirit.

Therapy Dog

Bailey Goebel is a Certified and Registered Therapy Dog. 

Bailey teaches Chair Yoga Sessions with Owner, Jennifer Goebel. He is a True Healer. He make's residents light-up and be stills happiness to anyone he crosses paths with...Bailey honors the practice and students. He greets everyone before and after class and then lye's comfortably on a mat next to Jenniifer unitl class ends. One he hears the Yoga Term,"Namaste" he perks up and says it in his own dog language to everyone at a regular class or after a chair session then Bailey is ready for the next  class or stop. This smart little dog is a fun loving spirit with a big heart.

Bailey travels to Hospitals,Nursing Homes,Assisted Livings and Community Centers. He also works with Hospice Patients and Terminally Ill Children.

You can request his services by appointment by calling(855)534-9642 or email:

Cost is $25 per session.