Mat Pilates Certification Program

(Can be hosted at your facility by appointment).

Learn the basic Pilates Breathing Techniques and Basic Pilates exercises properly. Teach your students in a fitness or studio environment how to become stronger and leaner in a more proper efficient manner. It's all about proper instruction,alignment, and a focused mind/body technique originally developed by Joseph Pilates.

Cost: $1000


Pilate's Teacher Certificate will be presented to each student when training is completed.

Students must submit 25 CEC's every 2 years to Trainer to prevent certificate from expiring. Also, every 2 years the Certified Pilates Teacher must pay a $50 renewal fee.

Next Training:TBA

 College & Student Fee.

Cost:$1500 plus 6% sales tax total payment of $1590 or

 5 payments total is:($318 per payment). 

Pay in Full :$1590

5 Payment Plan  : $318

7 Payment Plan  $227.14

Next RYT 200 is Feb 2023

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Private One on One Yoga Training Sessions are always offered. Complete at your on pace

and make a a training schedule that works with your life.

Yoga Teacher Training-RYT 200

RYS with Yoga Alliance(Registered Yoga School-200 hours)

Yoga Instructor Training, RYT 200

A 7-8 month intensive training that meets twice a month or a 12 month training that meets once a month on a Sunday. The training focuses on the 2000 year old practice of yoga principles,Yoga Anatomy & Physiology,Breathing Techniques,Teacher Instruction Techniques and Teaching Hours. Yoga Trainee's must take a variety of yoga classes to get a feel for all different yoga styles(Hatha/Vinyasa/Bikram et al.) that are available today. All hours must be completed in training period an and need to be documented and signed off by E-RYT Instructor. The Yoga Trainee must teach a class to the Training Instructor and the group prior to the completion of the course. Class is graded by the Yoga Trainer with a Pass or Fail. A certification is presented at the end of the course to Yoga Students whom passed the course. Yoga Trainee will be  a Certified Yoga Instructor. *The Yoga Trainee's must pay a $45 application fee and a $55 Annual Fee to be a Registered Yoga Instructor/RYT at the end of the teacher training to the Yoga Alliance.*

New Teacher's can request a Yoga Teacher Application and a Questionnaire from:

E-RYT/Trainer Jennifer Goebel/ Students can also view curriculum on: JG Yoga and Wellness.

Please email application,application fee and questionnaire to or send to: JG Yoga and Wellness. Att: Jennifer Goebel. 5954 Route 981 N. Suite 3. Latrobe, PA 15650 prior to attending training.

Interested students can start training at anytime. Very flexible. Additional meeting days and times will be added to accumulate hour difference based on the start date.

Next Training is scheduled for Feb 2023.

If you would still like to join training you can join in any time and E-RYT will schedule additional sessions to catch new students up.


Application fee:$50


Plus 6% tax. Total is $1908

Payment Plan: 5 payments of $381.60 or 7 payments of $272.57

Postdated check's are need for a payment plan or credit card to be billed each month by the first class meeting.

Request an application from:

Application Fee: $50

​Send a Check written to Jennifer Goebel to: 

Email for Address.

​Latrobe, PA 15650