Our yoga classes are for ages 15 and up.

It's okay to bring a child  8 & up to class as long as they are not disruptive to the class.

If children are with other family members or friend's a letter from the parent/guardian is needed before attending any class..

*In case of weather, an emergency or sickness class might be cancelled.

Most student's will be notified  via email and class will be cancelled online.*  

 Class Descriptions

  1. ​​​Community Yoga-Donation Based.                                      Beginner's and Intermediate levels are welcomed. This class is free if you have a pass. If not its Donation Based to build the yoga community. Donate from $5-$10 for the Instructor's time and enjoy a relaxing and yet challenging mind-body class.
  2. Gentle Yoga                                                                                A basic gentle yoga class where all the yoga postures are broken down  so anyone can take class and feel comfortable. Learn the Yoga Basic and  just relax(All-Levels welcomed).
  3. Core Fusion                                                                  Core Fusion is a combination of Pilates-Core Moves,Yoga and Weights. Its a challenging and fun fast paced 30 minute workout
  4. Hatha Yoga
    Beginner-Gentle-All-level's are Welcomed. Everyone in class makes the practice their own and gets the most out of their own individual practices. All-postures are broken-down into 5 different options of choice for you.

  5. Heated Vinyasa-Flow(Intermediate/Advanced)                               A Heated Fast Flowing Yoga Class with a lot of power and strength  moves. This class will challenge your mind,body and soul. Come take  the challenge and push your bodies limits in this 45 min. challenge  flow.
  6. Kundalini Yoga(All-Levels)
    Kundalini,"the yoga of awareness," opens your heart,builds strength and releases the energy located at the base of the spine. Each teacher will bring their own experience to the practice. Some much more traditional than others but kundalini is with out a doubt one of the more spiritual styles of yoga. Kundalini yoga focuses on the breath and movement and challenges its students both physically and mentally.

  7. Meditation and Guided-Imagery(All-Levels) 
    Meditation is a practice in which and individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content or as an end in itself.
    Come join us for a guided meditation with Guided Imagery and end with some gentle yoga stretches. You will feel so invigorated and relaxed.

  8. Pilates(All-Levels)
    A system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.
    Come join us for a core work out for your mind and body.

  9. ​PILOX-ING-POWERFUL COMBO(All-Levels)                                      A combination of Pilates, Kickboxing Exercises, Dance Moves, and weight training. Its a lot of fun and a great work out.​
  10. Power Yoga Basics(Intermediate/Advanced)                                      Power Yoga Basics: This power vinyasa yoga class focuses on the foundations of power yoga conditioning, body alignment,physical conditioning and mindfulness. The class is excellent for Intermediate to Advanced Students whom would like a great work out and a new challenging class.
  11. Yin Yoga & Meditation(All-Levels)                                                       A very gentle and restful class to help restore your mind,body, and spirit. We do a lot of gentle yoga stretches held longer then a flow class and we use a lot of yoga props: pillows,blankets, eye pillows.... So rest and restore and awaken you inner chi:) a short meditation class will follow.
  12. YOGA-LATES(All-Levels)                                                            A combination of Gentle Yoga exercises and Basic Pilates Moves. This is a quick paced class. Beginners and All-Levels are welcomed.
  13. Yoga with Weights(All-Levels)                                              Prepare for a high calorie burn. Yoga+Weights pairs the benefits of yoga with the added intensity of weights and resistance training.
  14. Yoga-Flow(All-Levels)                                                                  A flowing guided sequence of yoga postures heated or non heated that increases the metabolism and challenges the body,mind, and soul.