Dream Big, By: Hayley Dunhoff/ Meditation Series

                                 Starts: Every Thursday at 7:30pm. Starts May 3rd 2018

                           Cost is $5 per class.

Its a 6 week series on learning different types of meditation, how to use meditation in your daily life, and how to live your life to the fullest, using the tips we learn in the series to find clarity, and to learn to live in the present moment. 
Each week Hayley Dailey will go over a different meditation to help you overcome stress, or constant mind chatter in your daily life. 


Each class is one hour a week.
Guided by Hayley Dunhoff.

WEEK 1: Guided Active meditation (Flower Meditation) 

I will describe each chakra( as though they were flowers), what chakras do, why we meditate,and I will describe the benefits. 

Intro to Chakra's (energy wheels in the body) 


WEEK 2: Dance Meditation- Learn to let go of all control and just dance. 
We will dance with eyes closed for 15-25 mins 1-2 breaks in between,

 Then we will do a seated silent meditation for 15 minutes. 

Then for the last 15 minutes relaxation (savasana), lying on the ground.
After the meditation we will go over questions. 

WEEK 3: Listening Meditation- Seated Listening meditation: Practice the art of listening.
As a group we will listen to the four agreements on youtube, but just one of the segments about listening.
Then we will listen to a speech on youtube about mindfulness. Question afterwards.

WEEK 3: Kundalini Meditation- 
15 minutes of shaking the body and leting go of pain or stress awakening the kundalini energy 
15 minutes of dancing with our eyes closed 

15 minutes of siting being mindful of our breath and body awareness 

Last 10 minutes we will lay down in savasana, and remember to be thankful to everything in our lives.


WEEK 4: MIndful Walk Meditation- 
First 15 minutes we will do a seated meditation( body scan), calm the breath, and mind. 
Then 15 mins of slow walk in a circle. learning to be mindful of every step and breath, slowly walking from toe to heal like a fox. 
Then 15 mins of slow walk in circle opposite direction walking and putting the wait of your body from heal to toe, still trying to be mindful of our breath and body awareness. 

Last 10 minutes will be a seated love and kindness meditation. 
last 5 mins we will talk about questions or what people felt. 

WEEK 5: Tibetan Star Meditation - Osho 

WE will learn to sit and focus using meditation.
We will sit in a circle and gaze at a flame for 15. 
Then close our eyes and imagine the flame for 15 
Then we will put out the flame sit for another 15 mins.  

The last 10 mins we will lay down in savasana, I will go over the love and kindness meditation while they are lying down. 
I will go over any questions the last 5 mins. 


WEEK 6:Mantra (Bram Bamasbe) Meditation, By Deepok Chopra

Learn to create your reality with this beautiful mantra.  

First 15 mins of Om, Hum, or reciting the mantra out loud.
15 minutes of sitting and reciting the phrase to ones self. 
15mins more seated with eyes closed reciting to ones self- I create my reality, or I am the world. 

Last 15 minutes we end it with a love and kindness meditation. 


Detox Wellness Workshop

  Yoga & Acupuncture

with Kate Frame LAc.

Frame Acupuncture


When: TBA

Time: 7:30 pm

Where: JG Yoga and Wellness in Latrobe, PA

Cost; $15 for current students. $20 for new students

Email: Jenn@jgyogaandwellness to register.

Do you love yoga or acupuncture and want to see how they mix? Have you been doing one and wondering what the other has to offer? The word yoga means union. It's joining together breath,body and mind-mind,body and spirit. This unique class will begin with centering followed by the exploration of the breath through multiple asanas(yoga poses) in an intelligent, gentle therapeutic flow.
This workshop will stretch and soothe every space in the physical body. Class will conclude with an extended resting pose and guided meditation.
Afterwards a community style acupuncture treatment on your yoga mat is included for each of the participants.

Registration required.
Class is limited to 8 participants.

Register on the online schedule @jgyogaandwellness.com or email: jenn@jgyogaandwellness.com.

Kate Frame, L.Ac.

Kate grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and fell in love with Western Pennsylvania when she came out to pursue her undergrad. After seeing a close family member find significant relief from acupuncture, she was inspired and continued on to the New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, MA where she received her Master’s in Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture. With over 630 clinical hours and 350 patient visits, she has extensive clinical training and experience. She is trained in both Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture, Orthopedic Acupuncture, and Shakuju Therapy (a non-insertive treatment technique). She is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and is currently accepting new patients in Greensburg, PA.

At: Innovative Health & Wellness

298 old Rte. 30

Greensburg, PA 15601 


Licensed Acupuncturist, L.Ac., State Board of Osteopathic Medicine
Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)
Clean Needle Technique Certified (CCAOM)
Auriculotherapy Certification 

Clinical Internship Experience:
New England School of Acupuncture Clinic, Newton MA
Cambridge Health Alliance, Malden MA
Department of Pediatrics - Boston Medical Center, Boston MA

New England School of Acupuncture, M.Ac. (Master of Acupuncture)
The University of Pittsburgh, B.S. (Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences)

                                                                  When: May 31 @ 6:30pm

Join us for fun All-Level Yoga Class. Class is Beginner Friendly and very easy to follow. There will be candlelight and relaxing music in the background to make class even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Where: The Four Season's Brewery in Latrobe, PA. 
Bring a Friend or Significant Other for a fun night out and enjoy a seasonal beer or drink.

Cost is $10 for Class Only!

$15 for Class and a Drink Ticket.

All-Level Yoga @ The Four Season's Brewery

​​Beginner/ Gentle Yoga-Larissa

Tap into your lunar energy. Bring balance to your yoga practice by focusing on the "tha" (moon) of Hatha Yoga. 
The moon can teach us to slow down, listen to our own needs, and be receptive to change. This class will focus on slow flowing movement, holding gentle posses at length, and stretching to calm the body and mind without creating excess body heat. Create balance in your internal energy by joining us on Monday evenings at 6 o'clock for Lunar Flow Yoga. 



Beginner Yoga

When: Monday's & Thursday's

Time: 6pm & 5:45pm

​This class is an intro class to yoga. Students that are new  to yoga or whom haven't practiced in awhile will learn the basics in a comfortable and relaxed environment. So what are you waiting for incorporated Yoga and make a healthy lifestyle change today!

Beginning T'AI CHI Practice

Enjoy soaring confidence,reduced stress, and exhilarating movement as you explore the mysteries of the ancient martial art    Tai' Chi. This is a guided program of basic postures, life alternating philosophies and healing movement techniques that will reveal your personal growth and change. Renewed strength,flexibility,mobility, and vitality are yours in this easy-to-follow program that is uniquely formulated for beginners and can serve as continued study for more experiences Tai Chi practitioners.

Fifteen moves to gain balance and instill calmness.

Beginner T'ai Chi with Jenn

Starts: Tuesday May 8th at 5:30pm

(Free if you have a pass/$10 if you do not).

To Register contact Jenn @ jenn@jgyogaandwellness.com

or click on class on the online schedule to register.